Immigrants Shape California

Immigrants Shape California SB (4 Lara): Health Care for All AB 622 (Hernandez): Protecting Immigrant Workers from Unscrupulous Employers SB 10 (Lara): Office of New Americans SB 600 (Pan): Protecting Immigrants from Discrimination AB 60 (Gonzalez): Protecting Immigrants from Fraud AB 899 (Levine): Protecting Immigrant Children from Deportation SB 674 (De Leon & Atkins) Immigrant Victim of Crimes Equity Act AB 1343 (Thurmond) Ensuring Due Process for Immigrant Defendants AB 900 (Levine) Promoting Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) Protections AB 1352 (Eggman) Preventing Uintended Immigration Consequences for Rehabilitated Immigrants