Senator Vargas, Animal Advocates and Groomers Join Forces to Regulate Pet Grooming Industry

February 14, 2012
2012-01-18 Senator Vargas speaks to news media following SOS_Governor Jerry Brown State of the State Address 2012__MG_3520 (Medium).jpg

 State Senator Juan Vargas has joined top animal advocates, pet groomers and pet owners at a press conference in San Diego, to introduce SB 969, “Lucy’s Law”.  SB 969 would regulate the pet grooming industry in an effort to prevent injuries and fatalities to pets resulting from visits to the pet groomer. 

“A routine trip to the pet groomer should never result in serious injuries to your pet or the loss of your pet’s life!” exclaimed Senator Juan Vargas.  “Our State can make a difference by professionalizing the pet grooming industry to ensure that groomers are properly trained and pets are protected from harm.”

In addition to Senator Vargas, supporters of the bill include David Martin, Lucy’s owner; Madeline Bernstein, President, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles (spcaLA); Teri Jarrett, Retired Pet Groomer; Cindy Keefer, Animal Advocate and Dog Rescuer; and Jacqueline Mercier, Animal Ambassador, Animal Samaritans SPCA.

State Senator Juan Vargas, authored SB 969 after learning about Lucy, a small Yorkshire terrier mix, who sustained multiple injuries during a routine trip to the groomer. Among these injuries were: a detached retina, a severed ligament in her leg, and lacerations to five of her eight nipples. 

Outside of Lucy’s case, there have been thousands of life-threatening injuries to pets over the years due to negligent and under-trained pet groomers who use improper techniques when grooming animals. Injuries from these negligent acts range from severe lacerations due to improper usage of grooming tools, toe injuries, broken bones caused by the animal being dropped, eye injuries, and in the most severe of cases, death. 

SB 969 will be heard first in the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee at a date to be determined.   

About SB 969

This bill would require that any person engaged in pet grooming be licensed and regulated by the Veterinary Medical Board. SB 969 would establish the requirements necessary to obtain a license as a pet groomer, would set forth the duties of the Board with regard to the regulation of pet groomers and require the Board to adopt a fee schedule that would apply to licensees and pet grooming schools. SB 969 would set forth standards for discipline and authorize the Board to impose administrative penalties for a violation of these provisions.